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Naked Haiku
The Way is Simple:
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In Five-Seven-Five

All haikus are mine.
Inspired by the pictures.
Please share them as one.

This is how we love.This is the way the world ends.This is why we live. 

This is how we love.
This is the way the world ends.
This is why we live. 

We both fell in love.It was quite by accidentInevitable. 

We both fell in love.
It was quite by accident

As I shrink, I grow —Until I’m a speck of dustAs big as the sun. 

As I shrink, I grow —
Until I’m a speck of dust
As big as the sun. 

It’s not the time left,but all the time that is lost that saddens me most. 

It’s not the time left,
but all the time that is lost 
that saddens me most. 

I know who you are.What’s even more important —I know what you are. 

I know who you are.
What’s even more important —
I know what you are. 

Friends or enemies?Perhaps someplace in-between? You pick and I’ll choose. 

Friends or enemies?
Perhaps someplace in-between? 
You pick and I’ll choose. 

Happy Mothra’s Day,mothers of all creations(and some destructions!) 

Happy Mothra’s Day,
mothers of all creations
(and some destructions!) 

When you save a life,you’re responsible for itfor the rest of yours. 

When you save a life,
you’re responsible for it
for the rest of yours. 

To free your soul’s voicego deep, to where the pain lives…and write about it. 

To free your soul’s voice
go deep, to where the pain lives…
and write about it. 

I sit way up high —a prize to be won (that’s lost) —high upon the shelf. 

I sit way up high —
a prize to be won (that’s lost) —
high upon the shelf. 

Keep me company…and I’ll tell you a storythat will break your heart. 

Keep me company…
and I’ll tell you a story
that will break your heart. 

Another long night.A million thoughts in my head.You are all of them. 

Another long night.
A million thoughts in my head.
You are all of them. 

Just as life can thrivedespite impossible odds,love will find a way. 

Just as life can thrive
despite impossible odds,
love will find a way. 

Promises I makefrom my heart to your dear heart:Promises I keep. 

Promises I make
from my heart to your dear heart:
Promises I keep. 

It sometimes will takea lifetime to find a loveforever to keep. 

It sometimes will take
a lifetime to find a love
forever to keep.